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Your Time, Your Way provides a safe space to explore what is going on for you.

I offer online and telephone counselling so there is no need to worry about the stresses of travel.

Don't worry I'm not going to sit and repeat your words back to you, as I dont think this helps.

The sessions are client led, which means that during our time together we would work through what you feel you need.

In order to achieve this, I use an integrative approach because I believe that every client is unique and therefore has a different style of learning. An integrative approach is a combined approach to psychotherapy that uses different therapies which is tailored to each person. This means that once we have an initial consultation I would then be able to work out the best approach to suit you. 

I also use visual aids such as pictures and diagrams as from experience I have realised that lots of clients find these useful and they can also be used between our sessions. This helps the mind understand and make sense of things.

Consessions are available for carers, carers spend a lot of time looking after everyone else and forget themselves along the way. Please get in contact for more information regarding this.

I look forward to working with you.


Sessions last for 50 minutes.

I charge £50 per session

I offer a six session package for £270.  Payment in full is required in advance.


FaceTime and Telephone

Counselling appointments are currently being conducted via Zoom and telephone.

Payment of fees

Fees can be paid by bank transfer. This needs to be paid before our sessions commence.

Regularity of sessions

I would always recommend having a session a week although as everyone’s financial and day to day life varies dramatically we will discuss what works best for you during our initial consultation.

Likewise, some of the people I see prefer to use my service as an emotional resource and come when they need some extra support.  I am happy to offer whatever makes it possible for you.

I offer appointments at different times throughout the week and I am happy to work around your availability.


If you need to cancel an appointment please give me 48 hours notice either by email, text or by leaving a voice-mail message and unless there are exceptional or unforeseen circumstances, I reserve the right to charge the full fee.


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All sessions start at the arranged time as the session needs to finish at the agreed time. 

Please do not arrive early as it may interrupt the previous session.